Monday, July 7, 2008

Zombie Kickball III was a nightmarish good time!

Over 200 undead showed up in Portland last weekend for the aforementioned Zombie Kickball.

As the appointed hour approached, dozens of the undead of all ages streamed onto the field. Two zombies in Hawaiian shirts carried maps; another wore a bloodied wedding dress and clutched a frying pan; one was wrapped in a vine and carried a watering can; more than a few were impaled with various implements or carrying rubber body parts. (via

...Zombies from all walks of the afterlife! Including Elvis who, according to my sources on the inside, lost track of the game at one point and was seen knawing on his hand in the outfield.

Apparently, Zombie Elvis works as an educator and composer in the community too. True Story.

See more Zombie Kickball 2008 photos here.

...rumor is that they're staging another one of these sometime soon in Bellingham, WA to be filmed professionally.

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