Friday, July 18, 2008

Toss the Burner: July 18, 2008

Short of some catastrophic happenings that leaves us all holed up, I'll be vacating my apartment in two weeks - don't worry, ladies, I ain't going far.

Between now and then, I'm determined to hit all the top food locales before I leave the immediate neighborhood. A couple days ago, I told my buddy Riccardi this, and he said that the best gyro he's ever eaten was from a cart right by my apartment. So, last night I decided to heed his advice. Correct, I went home consciously (and soberly) intent on eating street meat for dinner.

I ordered one of each - a chicken and beef - gyro, and made sure the guy OD'd on the white sauce. And you know what, my pal Riccardi was right, it was totally goddam delicious. I enjoyed these while watching Last Comic Standing - which is a completely tolerable show. And most importantly, it didn't put me into a food coma, so I could make it to the midnight showing of Batman.

...And The Dark Knight was positively awesome. Short of a parole hearing, drop what you have to do this weekend and go see it. In my opinion, if you're gainfully employed, come Monday morning you have no one to blame but yourself if someone at your office squawking in elation ruins this movie for you.

Heath Ledger's performance alone is reason enough to treat seeing it with a sense of urgency. He is totally unsettling. Given the circumstances, while watching I couldn't help but ponder how Ledger kept the Joker so tightly together (while running amuck on screen), since we know that he was strung out while Dark Knight was being filmed.

Back to roadside cuisine for a minute.

If you saw the operation that these guys were running, you would not question why I took me two-years living in the neighborhood to dabble. Their cart appears to be hooked up to the conversion van they've got parked next to it. And the grill looks like it may or may not be that van's engine. The smoke billowing out of this kiosk consumes the bank they have shopped up next to. This is one delicious sidewalk plague that these guys have created.

Ledger's brilliant Joker is sort of like this well-prepared street meat. It's dirtily prepared, but definitely worth devouring.

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