Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Olympian's Granny Fights Off Mugger

Crime doesn't pay...the British Olympic track team - as well as their elders, evidently - are trying to tell you this in more ways than one.

Simeon Williamson (center), Dwain Chambers (right); photo credit

Six days ago, England's High Court upheld a lifetime ban from competition on admitted drug-cheat and Britain's top sprinter Dwain Chambers - leaving the team's Simeon Williamson as the Brit's best chance at a medal in the always coveted 100-meter dash at next month's Olympic Games.

Today, Williamson's grandmother, Pearline Williamson, 78, chased down a mugger in North London after her purse was robbed.

When she took my purse I had to do something so I ran after her and grabbed her as hard as I could...She said she hadn't taken it at first, so I shook the life out of her until she finally gave it back. (Olympic Supergran Chases Down Thief)
Her attitude would make her an Olympic gold medallist if she were just a few years younger, said Williamson of his grandmother. He's still a strong possibility to take gold in the 100 in Beijing, and allay the team's Chambers affliction.

The BBC needs to think about a public service announcement featuring this family - is any of the Williamson clan in the Peace Corps currently?


Dwain Chambers Fails in Attempt to Compete in Olympics (Times Online)
Olympic Athlete's Grandmother, 78, Chased and Caught a Mugger (Times Online)

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Anonymous said...

awesome!!! And I love that she got a young punk that underestimated the fight and bite in that dog.