Monday, March 31, 2008

toss the burner: Opening Day '08

Rain in the Bronx today.

All the Yankee fans who wasted a vacation day to go to the game, I truly feel for you.

Just to be abundantly clear, my baseball season started (a week before yours, last Tuesday) in a bar at 6 a.m. drinking bloody marys, eating pancakes, and sucking down 4,000 milligrams of caffeinated coffee. Not to mention, the game went into extra innings. Always awesome.

...and yours started with rain out, a post-gosh darn-ponement.

I win, and don't forget that your (damp) Jeter jersey is dry clean only.

And no, I have no idea who Aiden is, but they better be intolerable speed metal, or else.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

end hits...

Weekends, like large breasts, never get old.

I've been drinking this bottled water lately.

Found it in Rite Aid, it's called Crystal Geyser, because Salty Mineral Stream was just too darn pornographic.

Cost me a buck and a half for a liter and a half - bo-nice!

By the way, I've been working in Soho, the shopping douche capital of New York City, for a little over a month now, and I've only been in one store that wasn't an eatery, Rite Aid.

I think there actually is a store down here called shoes for douches.

Someone's got to say it, Garfield minus Garfield is completely unfunny.


This blog claims that if you remove Garfield from all the comic strips, John Arbuckle comes off like a hilarious schizo because its all jovially nonsensical.

False. Just because you remove something from something and now it doesn't make any damn sense doesn't make it cleverly schizophrenic...It makes it retarded.

Garfield minus Garfield guy, if we were at a dinner party together. I'd get up from the table, thank you for the chivas, and politely ask you to leave.

...and if we met in a dark alley, and I could ensure no legal ramifications whatsoever, I'd unleash the beating of a lifetime on thy.

Debuting a new feature next week called - The Hotness Binge. Let that marinate with ya for a moment.

I've got four of eight Elite Eight teams correct, with a chance to pick up a dastardly perfect eight for eight tonight. Here are my dream picks for tonight's games:

  • Wisconsin over Davidson
  • Kansas over Villanova
  • Memphis over Michigan St.
  • Texas over Stanford

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Can Joe Alexander Be a Good Pro?

If you think that West Virginia is going to beat Xavier tonight, then we can be friends.

I actually picked Xavier (beating Duke) when I filled out my bracket. The two main reasons I think I left WVU out of this equation:

1.) Bob Huggins is just one of those people I look at and hate for no apparent reason. I don't think we'd be friends in real life.

2.) I was still bitter about Joe Alexander handling UCONN in the Big East Tournament.

Alexander put up 34, and made Conn's Stanley Robinson look like a herb, in WVU's dismantling of the Huskies. And Alexander has been on blistering tear ever since.

Most recently, he scored 22 in the Yokels upset of Duke. And we have reason to believe that the Alexander of late (20+ points in six of his last eight games) will show up tonight against Xavier.

At 6' 8'', 200+ pounds, and whiter than a Trader Joe's Wine Shop, does Joe Alexander have NBA potential?

NBA Draft Express has him going #18 in the first round of this year's NBA Draft, ahead of such notables as Stanford's Robin Lopez, Memphis' Chris Douglas-Roberts and UCONN's Hasheem "Good Riddance Thabeet.

NBA doesn't have him getting picked this year, presumably because they don't think he'll come out (a definite possibility). They compare Alexander to Tom Gugliotta on his profile page, and they have him listed in the top-10 (#6 overall) picks in the 2009 draft.

In terms of build, he's best compared to his vanilla compatriots Tyler Hansbrough and Kevin Love. Alexander has shown evidence of a more superior outside game than Hansbrough and Love, but he definitely (without question) gives something up to these other two phenoms in terms of post play.

On a side note, you throw the Lopez brothers into the mix, and we're looking at one of the finest white boy drafts that I can remember. And as soon as I figure out how to do it without coming off like an overt racist, I'll post about this.

Call me a sucker for being too high on a guy's recent performance, but is Shane Battier or Tayshawn Prince too high of a ceiling for Alexander?

I think if a team spent a first round pick and got that in return, they'd consider it a success.

To be fair, before this season Alexander averaged just over 10 ppg. I also can't help but be reminded another recent West Virginian who had a late season surge and a gutsy NCAA tournament performance - Mike Gansey - who saw himself go undrafted in 2005.

However, if I'm Alexander, I'd come out now while the stock is high and hope I get hooked up with a competitive team where there's less pressure and more room to grow. Plus with Kevin Love inevitably going much higher in the draft, he shouldn't have to worry about shouldering too much of white doofus burden.

At the risk of sounding overly conservative, I think Alexander becomes a formidable six-man in the NBA.

Great article from the NYT's Pete Thamel on Alexander

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Well, I'm confused

What the hell is going on over here?

I wouldv'e taken Emmanuelle Chiriqui with the points, teased up in this match-up, and I did in fact predict she'd carry 95% of the vote.

Right now, she's only carrying a 54 to 46 percent lead? Against a MySpace girl? Are you kidding me?!

And, what exactly is wrong with these people? Don Chavez, against their better judgment, deemed this girl NOT hot, and she's only received a 3+ star rating.

To clarify, that girl is definitely hot. And furthermore, there are several people, whom I consider friends, that I would off for a chance to get with Emmanuelle.

My picks for tonight's games:

  • Xavier over West Virginia
  • UCLA over Western Kentucky
  • Louisville over Tennessee
  • North Carolina thrubbing Washington St.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Toss the Burner: March 26, 2008

Get a good look at her. This is last time you'll be seeing Antea Supervista, my spurned bracket wench on here.

MySpace versus Celebrity - I'll be shocked if Sloan doesn't win with 95% of the vote

Hottest Student Coeds - After all that hulla-baloo UCLA could only muster #7?

If you didn't Hate Billy Joel Before - Personally, it's a toss up for who I feel should be received worse at Shea this summer, Joel or Glavine

Movies With the Most Curse Words - Nice, I've seen State Property 2!...OK, that's a lie.

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What Does Big Papi & Olmec From Legends Of The Hidden Temple Have in Common?

They look superbly alike.

My buddy Goose pointed this out during yesterday's Red Sox game. It brought back fond memories of college when I had the baller cable package (that included Nickelodeon Gas) and got to watch Legends at 4 a.m., cross-eyed drunk.

By the way, the only team worth rooting for on Legends is the blue barracudas. Sure, I had friends who rooted for the green monkeys, the silver snakes...most of these people are in jail.

As it would have it, The Olmec were an ancient Pre-Columbian people living in the tropical lowlands of south-central Mexico, roughly in what are the modern-day states of Veracruz and Tabasco on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. (Via wikipedia).

Make some room in the old vault for that little knowledge nugget.

Ortiz went 0-2 with a walk in the Red Sox 5-1 loss to Oakland this morning. He's still looking for his first hit on the year.

Several classic Olmec quotes from LHT:

The choices are yours, and yours alone!

"Legends of the Hidden Temple!" with your guide, Kirk Fogg!

According to legend, if you drank from the fountain of youth, did you: see the future, become younger - ?

The player that conquers the most countries in sixty seconds, wins!

I bet Fogg still pulls.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Manny Ramirez Takes A Facetious Jab at Our Country's Oil Crisis

With two runners on and two out in the top of the tenth inning, Manny Ramirez stepped to the plate to face Oakland's Huston Street.

On the second pitch, Julio Lugo broke for third as Manny fouled off a Street fastball.

ESPN announcers were quick to point out that it is not necessarily a good idea to send the runner from second in that situation as it could distract the batter and break their concentration.

Red Sox fans nationwide were quick to guffaw at the suggestion that Manny's cranium functions at this high of a level.

Manny then proceeded to drive a ball to deep center field and stand unyielding at the plate watching - as he tends to do on every ball he hits that leaves the infield.

The shot caromed high off the center field wall, scoring runners Lugo and David Ortiz and putting the Red Sox ahead 6-4.

The Sox went on to win 6-5, and Manny was awarded the game's MVP and a Happy Gilmore movie replica check for one million yen!

...which is just under $10,000.

After receiving the check, Ramirez, couth bastard that he is, said in the postgame interview, "That's going to be some gas money...I love it.''

Happy MLB '08 Season!

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Toss the Burner: March 25, 2008

This looks pretty great. It's a movie about a small-town Tae Kwon Doe instructor - The Foot Fist Way...

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Toss the Burner: Monday, March 24

Man, it's been a rough go for me of late.

First, my bracket goddess - Antea Supervista - left me over the weekend for this guy:


I'm a mess without her.

Then, these tattered pictures of my girl Eva popped up on The Daily Mail (via With Leather)

However, things are looking up. Baseball season herself is less than 14 hours away. And I intend to be at the bar at 6 a.m. to kick it off.

Red Sox vs. Oakland, Tuesday Morning, 6:00 a.m. EST, ESPN2

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Antea, Bracket Goddess, on calling the Davidson upset...

It's like every time, just give it time!

(The genius, behind the evil genius)

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damn girl, we almost had one...

Despite their paltry Conference affiliation, and what I hear was an exceedingly gay Believe in Your Dreams pump-up speech by coach Rick Byrd at halftime, the Bruins of Belmont lost to Duke in the final seconds, 71-70.

Sheeeeittttt, my bracketologist goddess Antea Supervista almost called it.

There's a fine line between clever analysis and hate, hate, hating - but I will say this...Duke, you got lucky. And I know something about getting lucky...

(Just look at her, isn't she a peach. Definitely, dating up)

Today, my lady like Davidson (#10 seed) and St. Joe's (#11) as upsets.

...And just because it seems to be the trend, let's throw out that Georgetown throttles UMBC in an excessive beat-down fashion.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Who's going to be the first upset?

So far, no upsets. Georgia, tanked it. Temple, tanked it.

Somebody has to pull it off on the first day right?

Antea, who ya got baby?

(Belmont over the Dukes, def)

A sexy pick, from a lady in the know.

The Belmont Bru-dawgs, the automatic bid recipient from the Vanilla Icing & Strawberry Jam Conference, take on Duke at 7:10.

In honor of Duke bowing out, here's some classic March Madness interweb video....This is why Duke Sucks (Parts 1 & 2), and here's a seven minute recap of the 1999 Championship Game just for kicks.

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We're gonna go with Memphis

So I'm really picking Memphis to win this year.

Their free throw shooting is atrocious. They lost their only big game of the year to Tennessee. Evil Joe Lunardi has them losing to Pitt in the Sweet-16.

Well, while the rest of you slackers spent the week gawking at the UCLA Cheerleaders, I went out and got my own expert.

This is Antea Supervista (pronounced Anti-yah Super-vizzz-talalalala). She's the Supermodel equal of that gump Lunardo. Part bracketologist, part coitusolgist M.D., mother-trucker.

I let her fill out my bracket during sexy-time yesterday. We're like going out now. It's pretty sweet, no big deal.

So me and my lady are going with Memphis (frankly, it was work enough talking her out of Drake beating UCLA and delivering the dream at the same time).

Normally, reserved cat that I am, I wouldn't kiss-and-tell so blatantly. But I want it to sting extra good when I get nice on everyone in Brahsome pool.

(Memphis, great place to visit. Piss poor from the charity stripe).

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Toss the Burner: March 19, 2008

The C's snap the Rockets 22-game win streak, and improve their own winning streak to 10.

Early on in the action - the 12:00 minute mark of the first quarter - Rajon Rondo and Rafer Alston had themselves a little scrap.

The Does Paul Pierce have to choak a bitch look is a nice touch.

Houston put up 74 points in the losing effort, and here is a list of the NIT teams that outscored them last night:

Syracuse - 87
Butler - 84
UMASS - 80
Robert Morris - 81

Later on, I'm going liveblog an hour of my IPOD on shuffle; I'm that sickeningly good at my job that I can afford to do this kind of nonsense.

I've got somewhere in the range of 5,000 songs, and to be honest there is some creepy, creepy shit on there. Should be an interesting mix.

You can follow me on twitter if you'd like. I'll post a recap of highlight on here too.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

sexy win last night boys

Down 22 at one point in the first half, the Celtics stormed back last night to defeat the San Antonio Spurs 93-91. Rajon Rondo had his best game of the year, scoring 20; and, important to note, he finally added an RSS feed to his yardbarker blog.

A little over a week ago, I made my deep seething hatred for Tony Parker known on this blog. Since then, the Spurs are 2-6; and the defending champs have dipped to sixth in the West.

(Chris Paul, Kobe,'re welcome)

In all seriousness, I'm a Celtics fan first and a Tony Parker foe second. And the Celtics face a Rockets team tonight that has won 22 straight.

Ah geez, I'll guess I'll just have to arbitrarily pick someone to berate on that team as well.

Looking up and down the roster, there's a lot of likeable guys on this team. Shane Battier is probably the only Dukie in the history of the school that I can stand behind. Rafer Alston might be the feel good story of the year. I remember booking some radio interviews during the preseason with Tracy McGrady where T-Mac made a point to alert everyone that Rafer looked like one of the best guys in camp and was gunning for the starting point guard job.

Speaking of my past working relationship with McGrady, it was tumultuous at best. Nine out 10 sports PR people can give you an example why NBA players are the hardest athletes to work with, and McGrady would be mine. However, I'm truly happy that the guy has managed to stay reasonably healthy this year and is having a great season.

...Oh, oops, there he is!

Steve Francis is a punk. When he was on the Knicks, a friend of mine who worked for the organization told me that shortly after Francis came to the team he insisted on being called The City, and would refer to himself as The City in the third person. I'd love to add onto this that he has a blistering hot girlfriend or wife (making him an easy target for me), but the only romantic info I can find links him to Cuttino Mobley, which is funny enough in and of itself.

Here is what I think is going to happen...Francis is going to have a big game tonight. Parker had 17 points, eight assists, and five boards last night. Point being, the only thing better than tanking and your team losing is when you produce and they still lose.

It's all the more better because Francis has pretty much sucked it up all year (5 points, 3 assists, like 17 turnovers I'm sure).

My prediction: Houston keeps it close thanks to Francis' hot hand from behind the arc...and then they lose by double digits, bong!

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Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patrick's Canoodle; Google Pittsnoogle

Happy actual St. Patrick's Day.

Celebrate responsibly, and let me remind certain ladies out there that the Afro-Irish combo is wildly intriguing the world over.

Patty's month 08, another partying odyssey; and with March Magnaminous starting on Thursday, it is once again evident to me that four days of sobriety is just too much to try and ask for.

There was a time when I thought that at this point in my life my friends would come to me for sports knowledge that only the most informed sporting geek would know. Like maybe, how could the six- 11 match-up between USC/K-State/Mayo/Beasley impact the NBA draft board?

Instead, it basically tops out with this guy...

Is Pitts-whaddayacallit still on West Virginia?


Set the record straight, Pittsnoggle is no longer on West Virginia. But we cannot confirm nor deny that the team has become any less yokel-ly.

Last we heard from Pittsnoggle he was CBA All-Star Weekend bound, representing the Pittsburgh Xplosion. Pittsburgh went 10-38 in Pittsnogle's rookie season, and resisted an unconfirmed urge to just screw the pooch and become a Major League Lacrosse franchise. They bounced back to finish the 2007-08 season with a record of 29-19 and are currently playoff entrenched. Pittsnogle is keeping a low profile on the Xplosion inactive roster.

His latest known whereabouts...

Contenders to be this year's Pittsnogle...its really a two horse race between:

Kevin Love, maybe a little too high end to begin with?

The overwhelming favorite: Steven Hill, Arkansas, 6-11, Forward? Center? Doofus?

He exuded good old fashion white basketball ineptitude (13 minutes, 0 points, a single board) in Arkansas' loss to Georgia (a team with a 4-14 in-conference record this year) in the SEC final yesterday.

Working to develop a completely arbitrary pick for this year's Cinderella team.

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Friday, March 14, 2008

end hits...

These five day work weeks are killing me inside!

The boss man brought in his dog this afternoon...the things looks like it eats rare steak, three meals a day...

Check out a new track from My Morning Jacket from SXSW (via Rolling Stone: Rock n' Roll Daily)

Peace, Guvnah! You had a good run.

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Toss the Burner: March 14, 2008

(She doesn't look that pissed)

What have we learned this week folks? I for one reaffirmed my belief that what happens in or to people from, living or around Albany should stay in Albany. Nothing good happens when you associate yourself with Albany.

People aren't exactly ignoring this notion, but nobody has come right out and said it. This very incident may have just won Obama the nomination. At the very least it provides his campaign with a new, unforeseeable angle to attack Hillary.

Say that Silda Spitzer decides to stick by Eliot, and those with the wherewithal continue to berate her for doing so. People are already all over her for standing by his side during his resignation, and the whole time she was giving him a look that said: I'm going to go home and break everything that you own. Or say she decides to dump his ass...say she decides to divorce him on the night before the Pennsylvania primary...remember when Hillary handled her business this way? Of course, you don't. Why would you.

In my opinion, someone who buys ink by the barrel, draws a parallel here. I'd admit that I'm reaching a little bit here...except didn't Mrs. Spitzer call Mrs. Clinton about advice on being a good first lady a while back?

Obama on Spitzer:

"Obviously, it’s a tragedy. It’s heartbreaking for the family, but I suspect that it would not have been possible to function as governor, that what he said is right, that he needs to spend time healing himself and his family." Asked in a follow-up question whether Spitzer should be prosecuted, he replied: "You know, I won't offer an opinion on that." (via

When asked what this meant for his campaign in the short term, Obama replied:

"Who get drunk at night till the early morn'? Tap dances at the party like it's goin on..." (via Ol' Dirty Bastard)

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Thoughts on The Wire Series Finale

SHEEEEITTTTTT...It's over. What a bummer, but what a season/series finale. A little ways into the finale, as things seemed to resolving themselves a tad too quickly, we found ourselves saying everybody wins (it didn't even appear that Herc was going to botch everything up like he usually does). After digesting the show as a whole I came up with three discernable losers:

1.) Cheese Wagstaff (Method Man)

If Slim Charles wasn't the Miles Davis of this whole operation we could have clearly seen this coming. Slim has always been an elite soldier under top players (Avon Barksdale, Prop Joe), and little has ever affected him.

In Season Four when he breaks the news to Bodie that one of his top lieutenants (Little Kevin) was taken out by Marlo's crew - the news that would be Bodie's mental undoing - Slim stays as cool, calm and collected as can be. And the scene of him rolling up his window with a glazed look in his eyes is a perfect characterization of how detached the game can make you from reality.

So when Marlo conveniently annoints Cheese after his kin Prop Joe is disposed of, Slim's discontent shows us that he has been shaken for once.

Frankly, I think Cheese is really just the victim of when keeping it real goes wrong. I more or less agree with his whole loyalty is nothing diatribe before he gets it. In hindsight, Prop Joe should have been the one to ignore their family ties, and put him out to pasture a while ago. However, this was more about Slim Charles' ascent to realizing his potential in the game than Cheese's decline.

2.) Dukie

The scene from the penultimate ep with Dukie walking back into the alley to go live with the Arabers is one of the most tear-jerking of the entire series. I thought David Simon did a brilliant job of working parallel paths with the vagrant/addict story lines. You saw characters like Bubbles and Waylon proving that it is possible to dig out of drug abuse and homelessness if a small glimmer of hope exists. And Yet, at the same time, someone like Dukie can fall into the addiction trap at a point where there is no conceivable way they'll ever get out. He mortgages his one chance for future rescue for a $200 donation from Prezbo, who makes it clear that he never wants to see Dukie again after this. In my opinion, the Dukie tragedy is Simon's way of reaffirming the volatility of the drug trade through the hopelessness of the people who fall into addiction.

3.) McNulty

Stop saying he is going to be OK. They romanticize McNulty's demise in the final episode so beautifully, that I almost can believe his new lifestyle will suit him. An unlikely culprit, Rawls even delivers the line of episode if not the season (You're not killing them yourself, assure me of that?) as McNulty and Lester's scheme becomes unraveled. And the faux wake in the bar...let's just say this: I don't know if I'm inventing the concept of the video will right here, but as soon as I can get my hands on a clip of that scene, I'm going to get the ball rolling on one. I've already had a few hard commits from friends who said they'll definitely attend if they outlive me. It's been a morbid couple of days.

In the final episode, a few people make sacrifices for other characters (e.g. Daniels for Ronnie). Several others cook up schemes of compromise to save each others ass (Ronnie, Levy). McNulty falls on his sword, and accomplishes almost nothing.

Much of this opinion has to do with what I believe is next for Marlo Stanfield. His vision of his role in the game is made clear to us very quickly. He was meant to wear the crown, regardless of where that leads him. And Marlo's self awareness is enough to make me believe that a threat of further legal action is not going to keep him from continuing to be who he believes he was destined to be.

McNulty's inability to put away Marlo proves his investigation, and the subterfuge that ends his career, is a tragic failure. Probably better than anybody else, he knows that putting a few of Marlo's top guys in (Monk, Cheese) is going to affect the game very little. Ultimately, all we've done is take Baltimore's top detective out of play; all Baltimore has left is the Bunk.

I was almost buying the classic storyline concept of a character making a transition to create viable closure. When McNulty appears to show that he is OK with Kima ratting him out to Daniels and the department, I almost believe that he has converted. That he now feels that it is not the job that defines him, but the people in his life that he cares about (Kima, Bede, Lester). In reality, what made McNulty a good dectective is his obsession with the work, just like Marlo being a full blown sociopath made him a good drug dealer. One of the things The Wire harps on is how difficult it is to shake your flaws. Drinking and womanizing are not McNulty's real flaws, they are merely extensions of his inability to do anything but obsess over his job. And I think his thwarting from what he defines himself as is, in this particular case, unrecoverable. Welcome to exile, Jimmy.

Obviously, the montage of where do we go from here for each character had me thinking about what could conceivably happen next. Simon goes to great lengths to establish a new beginning (or at least a next step) for almost every major character in the show. Parts of this border on too romantic - Michael as the new Omar and the new Robin Hood of the West Side. Parts are full-on despicable - Templeton winning the Pulitzer. Conspicuously absent from the final rundown is Marlo. His final scene where he takes on two corner boys and is elated (if not, rejuvenated) by the site of his own blood from a wound on his arm is as open ended as conclusions come. This is Simon's Sopranos fade to black moment.

I've said my piece about Marlo inevitably getting back in the game, and I realize the logistics of this happening leave something to be desired. All his muscle is either locked up or dead. Plus, he's sold off the connect to Slim Charles and Fat Face Rick for $10 million. Not to mention, Michael is kind of on a shoot first ask questions later kick, and if Marlo were to reenter the drug racket he'd come to find out very quickly that he was on his short list.

Marlo has every reason in the World to just come along for the ride with Levy and his white collar brand business dealings; inevitably, he'll find a healthy amount of corruption to keep himself up. But keep in mind that being out of jail means that Marlo is thrust back into a despicable society that thrives because little is ever done to affect the flaws of its inhabitants. Do you really think that Marlo is the exception? Thus, for me, it's not where does he go from here? it's how does he get back to where he came from? I'ma think on it; I figure I've got five years until they bring this show back for the good of mankind (at least I keep telling myself that).

In conclusion, I urge everyone to buy the seasons on DVD and start rewatching the entire series immediately. If you're as simple minded as me, you'll without question have many moments where details that you initially perceived as minuscule reveal their true importance and a subtle awesomeness that you might have missed the first time around. For instance, the scene from Season Four after Michael turns down $200 for school clothes from Monk and Marlo goes up to him and asked if he's too good for his money. After everything we've seen transpire since then, the look that Michael gives Marlo is captivating.

Additionally, I've pumped The Wire to people more than any show I was ever into. A lot of times someone will say that they can't feasibly get into another show (I already follow 18 shows and am am trying to get caught up on Lost; my DVR is ruining my life). Easy solution: drop something; Dirt is not that good, Lipstick Jungle, not good at all, Rome - eww, gross. Two months from now, when you're contemplating a career in drug-dealer robbery or money laundering you can thank me.

A couple good Wire links:

Alan Sepinwall's Review of the Finale
Baltimore Sun tells us how to find the bars from the show (I could take tomorrow off from work)
NPR Interview w/Michael K. Williams (Omar)....apparently, he discovered Snoop and got her cast on show
The NYT Review
milk was a bad choice Finale Recap

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Toss the Burner: Tuesday, March 11

Still gotta do my Wire post...didn't happen yesterday (I guess that's what you get when you follow up an epic series finale with a few hours of subsequent Bud-Proper drinking and a week's DVR worth of Jeopardy re-runs).

Watching multiple Jeopardies on DVR has shown me just how inefficient my day-to-day truly is. When you eliminate the commercials and the spirit-crippling Trebeck interviews with the contestants you can knock those babies out real quick.

Found this blog by way of Jodie's Gossip on Sports, and it moved me to goof off with Nike ID a little. I'll tell you what, you can come up with some real Mickey Mouse sneaker designs on that site...

Determined to give my one-day late reaction of The Wire today. Wanted to first finish reading Alan Sepinwall's take on the final episode (it's bulky), and I also hear that this interview with Michael K. Williams (Omar) is not to be missed.

Inspired Thoughts:
"Every time you go in there, you know that coming out it's going to be OK," my dear friend Young Braj, commenting on the presence of a bidet in the bathroom at my new office.

/thinking about starting the company - Home Office Bidets Inc.

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Irish Eyze

This sort of mocks my whole existence, but I'm as thick skinned as the next...

Go hear and get nice and Irish (via Pop Candy)

Come to think of it, Irish Eyze would be a solid M.C. moniker for me

Happy St. Patrick's Month!

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