Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Opening Ceremony Rehearsal Leaked! (...big whoop)

Looks like your standard fare of cirque de acrobatics, and rhythmic gymnastics... along with the recreation of a storm trooper roll out.

It is unclear whether the video's release was authorised, although it is highly unlikely as there has been a huge security clampdown around the ceremony with Chinese officials closely guarding their secret plans.

The 30 seconds of footage shows kung fu fighters, trapeze gymnasts, a giant earth globe, floating 3D humpback whales and orchestral music. (The Guardian UK)

You ever watch the gut-wrenching pageantry that is the opening ceremony? It's painful. I don't think even 3-D humpback whale illusions can save it from it's inherent tedium.

The Koreans really grifted Beijing with this one. Check out the video here.

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