Wednesday, July 23, 2008

China Will Allow Protests at the Olympics...Sort of

I believe Gordon Gano said it best with the lyrics: The City is Restless, It's Ready to Pounce (The Violent Femmes were a quality 80's band)

The AP is reporting today:

BEIJING - Beijing will set up specially designated zones for protesters during next month's Olympics, a security official said Wednesday, in a sign China's authoritarian government may allow some demonstrations during the games. (Beijing to set up Olympic protest zones)

According to the AP, the free zones are being set up miles away from the main festivities at the Olympic Green - out by the softball field and the beach volleyball courts. They'd also appreciate it if all protesters would apply for permission beforehand.

Is there going to be a specific check-in table for objectors? And should you provide a list of militants for RSVP purposes?

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