Friday, July 25, 2008

The smart money says...don't bet on this

I'm sure that true degenerates will find this completely reasonable. But you'd have to be a real rube to try to win money on this...

Eggycam, a live video feed showing ten eggs in an incubator, is a new internet craze aimed at raising money for charity.

The point of gamble on which egg is going to hatch first. For crying out loud, there's even odds set up!

After they check the PH levels of each egg, they set the odds.

According to Metro UK, the site is receiving 100 bets per hour! Ken Robertson, of online gambling site and the man behind this little venture, should be running the sports book at the Taj.

Hopefully punters will have a cracking win! says Robertson. Kind of sounds like he knows that he's got his clientele duped.

This is like taking the over in a soccer game. But it is for a good cause, which I hope is the main reason people seem to be wagering on this. All profits go to Down Syndrome Ireland, so if you're feeling philanthropic today, go drop a G on egg 8 at 13-2 odds.

Gamblers Now Betting on Eggs

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