Thursday, March 20, 2008

We're gonna go with Memphis

So I'm really picking Memphis to win this year.

Their free throw shooting is atrocious. They lost their only big game of the year to Tennessee. Evil Joe Lunardi has them losing to Pitt in the Sweet-16.

Well, while the rest of you slackers spent the week gawking at the UCLA Cheerleaders, I went out and got my own expert.

This is Antea Supervista (pronounced Anti-yah Super-vizzz-talalalala). She's the Supermodel equal of that gump Lunardo. Part bracketologist, part coitusolgist M.D., mother-trucker.

I let her fill out my bracket during sexy-time yesterday. We're like going out now. It's pretty sweet, no big deal.

So me and my lady are going with Memphis (frankly, it was work enough talking her out of Drake beating UCLA and delivering the dream at the same time).

Normally, reserved cat that I am, I wouldn't kiss-and-tell so blatantly. But I want it to sting extra good when I get nice on everyone in Brahsome pool.

(Memphis, great place to visit. Piss poor from the charity stripe).

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