Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Manny Ramirez Takes A Facetious Jab at Our Country's Oil Crisis

With two runners on and two out in the top of the tenth inning, Manny Ramirez stepped to the plate to face Oakland's Huston Street.

On the second pitch, Julio Lugo broke for third as Manny fouled off a Street fastball.

ESPN announcers were quick to point out that it is not necessarily a good idea to send the runner from second in that situation as it could distract the batter and break their concentration.

Red Sox fans nationwide were quick to guffaw at the suggestion that Manny's cranium functions at this high of a level.

Manny then proceeded to drive a ball to deep center field and stand unyielding at the plate watching - as he tends to do on every ball he hits that leaves the infield.

The shot caromed high off the center field wall, scoring runners Lugo and David Ortiz and putting the Red Sox ahead 6-4.

The Sox went on to win 6-5, and Manny was awarded the game's MVP and a Happy Gilmore movie replica check for one million yen!

...which is just under $10,000.

After receiving the check, Ramirez, couth bastard that he is, said in the postgame interview, "That's going to be some gas money...I love it.''

Happy MLB '08 Season!

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