Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patrick's Canoodle; Google Pittsnoogle

Happy actual St. Patrick's Day.

Celebrate responsibly, and let me remind certain ladies out there that the Afro-Irish combo is wildly intriguing the world over.

Patty's month 08, another partying odyssey; and with March Magnaminous starting on Thursday, it is once again evident to me that four days of sobriety is just too much to try and ask for.

There was a time when I thought that at this point in my life my friends would come to me for sports knowledge that only the most informed sporting geek would know. Like maybe, how could the six- 11 match-up between USC/K-State/Mayo/Beasley impact the NBA draft board?

Instead, it basically tops out with this guy...

Is Pitts-whaddayacallit still on West Virginia?


Set the record straight, Pittsnoggle is no longer on West Virginia. But we cannot confirm nor deny that the team has become any less yokel-ly.

Last we heard from Pittsnoggle he was CBA All-Star Weekend bound, representing the Pittsburgh Xplosion. Pittsburgh went 10-38 in Pittsnogle's rookie season, and resisted an unconfirmed urge to just screw the pooch and become a Major League Lacrosse franchise. They bounced back to finish the 2007-08 season with a record of 29-19 and are currently playoff entrenched. Pittsnogle is keeping a low profile on the Xplosion inactive roster.

His latest known whereabouts...

Contenders to be this year's Pittsnogle...its really a two horse race between:

Kevin Love, maybe a little too high end to begin with?

The overwhelming favorite: Steven Hill, Arkansas, 6-11, Forward? Center? Doofus?

He exuded good old fashion white basketball ineptitude (13 minutes, 0 points, a single board) in Arkansas' loss to Georgia (a team with a 4-14 in-conference record this year) in the SEC final yesterday.

Working to develop a completely arbitrary pick for this year's Cinderella team.

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GossipOnSports said...

Regarding Steven Hill: Bad hair, too. Sometimes you can cut a guy some slack if he's got style but . . . obviously not the case here!