Tuesday, March 18, 2008

sexy win last night boys

Down 22 at one point in the first half, the Celtics stormed back last night to defeat the San Antonio Spurs 93-91. Rajon Rondo had his best game of the year, scoring 20; and, important to note, he finally added an RSS feed to his yardbarker blog.

A little over a week ago, I made my deep seething hatred for Tony Parker known on this blog. Since then, the Spurs are 2-6; and the defending champs have dipped to sixth in the West.

(Chris Paul, Kobe, Mormons...you're welcome)

In all seriousness, I'm a Celtics fan first and a Tony Parker foe second. And the Celtics face a Rockets team tonight that has won 22 straight.

Ah geez, I'll guess I'll just have to arbitrarily pick someone to berate on that team as well.

Looking up and down the roster, there's a lot of likeable guys on this team. Shane Battier is probably the only Dukie in the history of the school that I can stand behind. Rafer Alston might be the feel good story of the year. I remember booking some radio interviews during the preseason with Tracy McGrady where T-Mac made a point to alert everyone that Rafer looked like one of the best guys in camp and was gunning for the starting point guard job.

Speaking of my past working relationship with McGrady, it was tumultuous at best. Nine out 10 sports PR people can give you an example why NBA players are the hardest athletes to work with, and McGrady would be mine. However, I'm truly happy that the guy has managed to stay reasonably healthy this year and is having a great season.

...Oh, oops, there he is!

Steve Francis is a punk. When he was on the Knicks, a friend of mine who worked for the organization told me that shortly after Francis came to the team he insisted on being called The City, and would refer to himself as The City in the third person. I'd love to add onto this that he has a blistering hot girlfriend or wife (making him an easy target for me), but the only romantic info I can find links him to Cuttino Mobley, which is funny enough in and of itself.

Here is what I think is going to happen...Francis is going to have a big game tonight. Parker had 17 points, eight assists, and five boards last night. Point being, the only thing better than tanking and your team losing is when you produce and they still lose.

It's all the more better because Francis has pretty much sucked it up all year (5 points, 3 assists, like 17 turnovers I'm sure).

My prediction: Houston keeps it close thanks to Francis' hot hand from behind the arc...and then they lose by double digits, bong!

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