Thursday, March 6, 2008

Toss the Burner: Thursday, March 6

Got into one of those debates that men love to get into with women...whose on your list?

This conversation allows everyone to suspend restraint and toe the line (here it is...and you just crossed it). Frrrreak Nasty, indeed.

My overall numero uno has been and will remain...

I realize Eva is a little pase (which is French for not as readily available on certain internet destinations as she used to be) of a pick these days. Let me assure you, it is with good reason...

See this French Mother F*cker right here. Him and I have the same Birthday, exactly one year apart.

Look at what he's got, now look at me....

It's a sad state of affairs. Since this is a family site, let me say this: Life is not fair kids. Not fair.

Images via Google Images: Tony Parker doofus face

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