Friday, March 28, 2008

end hits...

Weekends, like large breasts, never get old.

I've been drinking this bottled water lately.

Found it in Rite Aid, it's called Crystal Geyser, because Salty Mineral Stream was just too darn pornographic.

Cost me a buck and a half for a liter and a half - bo-nice!

By the way, I've been working in Soho, the shopping douche capital of New York City, for a little over a month now, and I've only been in one store that wasn't an eatery, Rite Aid.

I think there actually is a store down here called shoes for douches.

Someone's got to say it, Garfield minus Garfield is completely unfunny.


This blog claims that if you remove Garfield from all the comic strips, John Arbuckle comes off like a hilarious schizo because its all jovially nonsensical.

False. Just because you remove something from something and now it doesn't make any damn sense doesn't make it cleverly schizophrenic...It makes it retarded.

Garfield minus Garfield guy, if we were at a dinner party together. I'd get up from the table, thank you for the chivas, and politely ask you to leave.

...and if we met in a dark alley, and I could ensure no legal ramifications whatsoever, I'd unleash the beating of a lifetime on thy.

Debuting a new feature next week called - The Hotness Binge. Let that marinate with ya for a moment.

I've got four of eight Elite Eight teams correct, with a chance to pick up a dastardly perfect eight for eight tonight. Here are my dream picks for tonight's games:

  • Wisconsin over Davidson
  • Kansas over Villanova
  • Memphis over Michigan St.
  • Texas over Stanford

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