Thursday, March 27, 2008

Well, I'm confused

What the hell is going on over here?

I wouldv'e taken Emmanuelle Chiriqui with the points, teased up in this match-up, and I did in fact predict she'd carry 95% of the vote.

Right now, she's only carrying a 54 to 46 percent lead? Against a MySpace girl? Are you kidding me?!

And, what exactly is wrong with these people? Don Chavez, against their better judgment, deemed this girl NOT hot, and she's only received a 3+ star rating.

To clarify, that girl is definitely hot. And furthermore, there are several people, whom I consider friends, that I would off for a chance to get with Emmanuelle.

My picks for tonight's games:

  • Xavier over West Virginia
  • UCLA over Western Kentucky
  • Louisville over Tennessee
  • North Carolina thrubbing Washington St.

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