Friday, March 14, 2008

Toss the Burner: March 14, 2008

(She doesn't look that pissed)

What have we learned this week folks? I for one reaffirmed my belief that what happens in or to people from, living or around Albany should stay in Albany. Nothing good happens when you associate yourself with Albany.

People aren't exactly ignoring this notion, but nobody has come right out and said it. This very incident may have just won Obama the nomination. At the very least it provides his campaign with a new, unforeseeable angle to attack Hillary.

Say that Silda Spitzer decides to stick by Eliot, and those with the wherewithal continue to berate her for doing so. People are already all over her for standing by his side during his resignation, and the whole time she was giving him a look that said: I'm going to go home and break everything that you own. Or say she decides to dump his ass...say she decides to divorce him on the night before the Pennsylvania primary...remember when Hillary handled her business this way? Of course, you don't. Why would you.

In my opinion, someone who buys ink by the barrel, draws a parallel here. I'd admit that I'm reaching a little bit here...except didn't Mrs. Spitzer call Mrs. Clinton about advice on being a good first lady a while back?

Obama on Spitzer:

"Obviously, it’s a tragedy. It’s heartbreaking for the family, but I suspect that it would not have been possible to function as governor, that what he said is right, that he needs to spend time healing himself and his family." Asked in a follow-up question whether Spitzer should be prosecuted, he replied: "You know, I won't offer an opinion on that." (via

When asked what this meant for his campaign in the short term, Obama replied:

"Who get drunk at night till the early morn'? Tap dances at the party like it's goin on..." (via Ol' Dirty Bastard)

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