Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Toss the Burner: Tuesday, March 11

Still gotta do my Wire post...didn't happen yesterday (I guess that's what you get when you follow up an epic series finale with a few hours of subsequent Bud-Proper drinking and a week's DVR worth of Jeopardy re-runs).

Watching multiple Jeopardies on DVR has shown me just how inefficient my day-to-day truly is. When you eliminate the commercials and the spirit-crippling Trebeck interviews with the contestants you can knock those babies out real quick.

Found this blog by way of Jodie's Gossip on Sports, and it moved me to goof off with Nike ID a little. I'll tell you what, you can come up with some real Mickey Mouse sneaker designs on that site...

Determined to give my one-day late reaction of The Wire today. Wanted to first finish reading Alan Sepinwall's take on the final episode (it's bulky), and I also hear that this interview with Michael K. Williams (Omar) is not to be missed.

Inspired Thoughts:
"Every time you go in there, you know that coming out it's going to be OK," my dear friend Young Braj, commenting on the presence of a bidet in the bathroom at my new office.

/thinking about starting the company - Home Office Bidets Inc.

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GossipOnSports said...

Hey Mike, before you know it there with be a Fantasy Nike ID league to go along with all the other fastasy leagues!