Friday, March 21, 2008

damn girl, we almost had one...

Despite their paltry Conference affiliation, and what I hear was an exceedingly gay Believe in Your Dreams pump-up speech by coach Rick Byrd at halftime, the Bruins of Belmont lost to Duke in the final seconds, 71-70.

Sheeeeittttt, my bracketologist goddess Antea Supervista almost called it.

There's a fine line between clever analysis and hate, hate, hating - but I will say this...Duke, you got lucky. And I know something about getting lucky...

(Just look at her, isn't she a peach. Definitely, dating up)

Today, my lady like Davidson (#10 seed) and St. Joe's (#11) as upsets.

...And just because it seems to be the trend, let's throw out that Georgetown throttles UMBC in an excessive beat-down fashion.

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