Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What is this failure saying?

My hatred for Tony Parker, is well documented.

Thanks to Odenized for posting this clip from last night's TNT broadcast of the Spurs & Suns.

Chew - Meigh - Monk?


I love how Inspector Chuck immediately got on Cybelle the French Camera Femme's case

(Why would he miss her, if he's gonna see her later? You tryin' to pull somethin' over on Sherlock Chuck, miss?)

...and then he decided to call Kenny and Ernie dumbasses. Because Sir Charles is all about high comedy.

Then, he calls the Cybelle crazy in Spanish. Ernie furrows his papers, wishes he could get the last few minutes of his life back.

San Antone went up 2-0 on Phoenix. My prediction for the rest of the series : much more Barkley nonsense.

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1 comment:

zack {mutantcheez} said...

What Tony Parker actually said: "Tu me manque, mon amour. Tu me manque."

Translation: "I miss you, my love. I miss you."

As to why he said it - that's a mystery only Sherlock Chuckie can solve.