Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy Day, It's The Master: Day 1

I'm going to do a little blog entry about the Masters each day. Why? Because golf is the ultimate sport.

I may choose to exclude Saturday and Sunday in lieu of having fun over the weekend. Those are the only two days I recommend watching by the way.

Actually, I only recommend watching the last round on Sunday. And do it on DVR fast forward too.

In Masters day one news worth noting, resident links douchebag V.J. Singh is being beaten at his own game by some guy named J. Singh. ho HO!

Went a little above J. on the screenshot so that I could point out that Heathcliff Slocum had a competitive first round. Years of seeing that guy pitch during TBS broadcasts, you think they would have alluded to his golf prowess...personally, I had no idea.

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