Tuesday, April 29, 2008

If John Daly Wasn't Already Your Personal Hero...

shoeless, shirtless, cigarette in mouth...at on205th, I bow to thee for posting this first.

Fox, I take back everything bad I've said about your Ozarks affiliate in the past.

The name of Daly's course - The Murder Rock Golf Course. In case you'd like to suggest that I failed to visit Daly's course website, I didn't.

There's a legend heard around the hollows of Branson Creek about Murder Rock, a place where Civil War bushwhacker Alfred Bolin and his gang were known to ambush travelers.

That's actual copy from murderrock.com. Sadly, there is no merch for sale on the site.

You can look up playing partner Johnny Lee yourself.

...oh, and here's to waking up everyday and not having man boobs.

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