Friday, April 25, 2008

Toss the Burner: April 25, 2007

Natalie Gulbis, redux.

Check out Busted Coverage to see the evil idea brought forth by the menace J Koot. And be on the lookout over there for my personal birthday message to a certain EA.

(Been a while since I threw up some) Inspired Thoughts:

"...the punk kid asked me if i wanted a "new" camera, as if i was going to say, "nah, its cool, gimme a used one, i dont care...", i walked out of the store before he could even put a period on the end of his sentence."

said, C. Bley, regarding a trip to Circus City last night to purchase a digital camera.

More posts later...maybe a tribute to Wes Snipes (doing a three year bid)...maybe some Patriot Draft Day recommendations. Should be time for both.

mmmm, nuhnuhnuh!

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