Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Toss the Burner: April 9, 2008

The twelfth season of South Park has been oh so sweet, and yet another fresh episode airs tonight.

If you're kind of a big deal like myself and can't always be around at 10 p.m. on Wednesday, check out ALLSP where you can watch every single episode (beautiful) ever created.

Here's a musical moment from the show's past, I can't remember laughing harder during South Park then the first time I saw this...

Concerning YouTube...The Today Show has been covering this story about the 16-year old girl who was beaten up on camera by a bunch of her supposed girlfriends.

The she-thugs then put the video on YouTube...shocking.

This morning, The Today Show put together a panel to discuss how awful this whole thing is, and the disturbing trend in kids posting violent video in search of their "15 MBs (clever?) of fame."

Interestingly enough, on YouTube's most viewed today page a news video of the beating loaded by user AssociatedPress has 226,065

So, we've got trusted, reputable media source The Today Show condemning kids for doing this with violent videos, and trusted, reputable media source The Associated Press...What? Fueling the fire?

In their defense, AssociatedPress has removed the video.

...and some of my favorite (at least by name) YT users who have picked up the slack in posting these girls' story include CuddlyNutBear, SockPuppetry101, and JUMPTHECOOCH.

An emerging voice of reason in this whole sordid affair...a YouTube comment posted 12 seconds ago:

WHAT THE F#$% IS THIS SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!
Those girls should be punished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You don't do that to some one just because you have a disagreement or she said something to offend you. COME ON PEOPLE THIS IS F#$%ED.

says lesbianloveaffair

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