Wednesday, April 30, 2008

West Bound & Down...

Something kind of awesome that just came on my radar...Jay Busbee at Yahoo! Sports is running what he's calls The Greatest Driver That Never Was tournament on his blog From the Marbles.

It's already in the second round, and today's match-up features my all-time favorite movie character Bandit from Smokey & the Bandit facing off against Anakin Skywalker (meh).

As I could of have predicted, Bandit is throttling Anakin (84% of the vote counting mine); I wonder how my unborn son would feel about the name Burt Reynolds Hayes?

For those of you who haven't seen the Smokey & The Bandit...shame on you. Reynolds plays a trucker - a trucker that makes me want to become a trucker - but spends most of the movie running interference in that really boss Pontiac Trans Am. In fact, after the movie was released Trans Am sales actually jumped from 68,745 to 93, 341 in 1978.

Speaking of truckers who rule hard, my one critique of the TGDTNW tourney is that Lincoln Hawk from Over the Top wasn't selected for the field. Bogey, Busbee. Stallone would have been a formidable opponent for Reynolds I feel.

Naturally, we're going with Bo "Bandit" Darville to win the whole damn thing.

Dem boys are thirsty in Atlanta, and there's beer in Texarkana...

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1 comment:

Jay Busbee said...

Hey, thanks for the link. There were a ton of guys who could've been added; in retrospect, I probably should've started with a field of 32, not 16. We'll correct it with "The Greatest Car That Never Was" tourney in a couple months.

Thanks for reading!