Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Toss the Burner: Red Sox Home Opener

Memphis collapsed.

Remember when Paul Shaffer (Artie Fufkin) demands that Christopher Guest and Harry Shearer kick his ass in This Is Spinal Tap?

Great part of the film. Kind of how you could sum up the last few minutes of last night's game.

I'm not askin...I'm telling you to kick my ass

John Calipari and his team could not be reached to comment on what exactly went wrong at the end of game. However, long time Memphis fan (and a solid representative of the demo of the team's fan base) Cletus the slack-jaw yokel had this to say...
I can't possibly think of anything else that could've gone wrong.

Most importantly, we can now move on to strictly baseball season.

After an 18-day, tri-country, du-continent road trip the BoSox open up at home today against the winless-less team in baseball the 0-6 Detroit Tigers. The Sox kick off a 20 game in 20 day stint.

A savage road trip, then 20 games in a row. Is MLB giving them June off or something?

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