Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Zombie Kickball in Portland

In my opinion, this has basically turned into a game of one-upping. It seems that the further I dive into the World of kickball, the stranger it gets.

And these guys make the pirates from Brooklyn look like merely over-enthusiast camp counselors.

What is weirdest to me is that this is happening in Portland, Maine of all places. Isn't it like the L.L. Bean Capital of the World?

Ah... Vacationland! It's here at long last... Summertime in Portland, Maine! Barbecues all over Munjoy Hill, picnics across the Eastern Promenade. Kites flying above the East End Beach, boats sailing in Casco Bay. Friends and lovers lazing on the lawn, families basking on the beach, children frolicking on the playground...

That little snapshot of tranquility came right off the Zombie Kickball MySpace page.

Game play and strategy definitely appear open to individual interpretation. However, the two rules that participants in Zombie Kickball must adhere to above all else are be civil...and be courteous.

To be more specific, that means don't stagger through flower beds, don't stumble against cars, and keep your moans to a dull roar.

And, of course, be respectful of the Bayside Little Leaguers playing nearby.

The Third Annual (kickin' ass and taking brains since 2006!) Zombie Kickball happens on Sunday, June 29 on the Eastern Prom in Portland.

Check out some footage and photos from year one here:

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SchrockStar said...

yummy brainz!

Natty B said...

That's pretty hardcore.

Jerrym said...

white folks have too much time on their hands.

Matt said...

Next year there will be beer in center field. And brains.

Anonymous said...

holy shit !

September bellingham WA zombie kickball is happenin

it will be professionally filmed