Friday, June 6, 2008

Cause the sand trap is not for that...

Visionary Urologist (is there any other kind?) Floyd Seskin gives you the UroClub. It's precisely the type of golf club you'd expect a lemon doc to invent...the type you can pee into.

Ever been on the golf course, knocking back a few beers, when nature calls? It may be against club rules to duck into the rough for a leak—that's why the UroClub, developed by awesome urologist Floyd Seskin, is an answer to your prayers. Just place an inconspicuous towel over your junk, unscrew the cap of the club disguised to look like a 7-iron, and whiz away—up to half a liter. (via Gizmodo).

A life-long golfer, two things I was taught at a young age:
  1. Don't go past parallel on your back swing
  2. On the course, the World is your urinal.

Still, hats off to Gizmodo for the post...

We're thinking the Eureka moment came when Seskin was hanging out in the wide-grip putter section of a Nevada Bob's Discount Store.

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Paul said...

hahaha thats great!!! not a bad price either for a frequent golfer

Adam said...

Big deal. I've been pissing into my 7 iron for years.

mookie said...

Half a litre ain't enough for me man!!

(mookie @