Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Roller Derby Track From Charlie's Angels Destroyed...

The roller derby track from Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle has been leveled in a violent windstorm...

A couple years ago, Lali Outhoummountry, the captain of the San Francisco Bay Bombers, and her husband Patrick purchased the track that was used in the opening sequence of the film Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle.

Last Wednesday, the 1,500 lb. track that was being kept in the Outhoummountry's backyard was picked up by Tornado-like winds, and crushed to pieces.

According the Las Vegas Sun, Lali Outhoummountry said:

the boards started to writhe as the metal framework holding them together began to yield.

The track, which was being kept in the family's backyard, was a vintage high-banked track reminiscent of the tracks used in the 1960s when roller derby was a Saturday Afternoon television favorite. Today, the most competitive and popular leagues use a flat track.

Lali Outhoummountry and her husband, who both work in casinos and invested $25,000 dollars in the track, say they intend to rebuild it.

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