Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Who gets to throw out the first pitch?

For my next birthday, all I want is 15 seconds of footage of myself getting the Gatorade shower filmed using the super slow-mo.

Presumably, sometime in the next few days there will be a big bruhaha for the Celtics at Fenway Park.

I put it to you, who will get to throw out the first pitch?

Please find the poll on the side underneath my mug. I've nominated the big three, the skip, and the man I believe will have the most free time on his hands.

Now that this NBA business is done with, we can move on to other sports happenings. Like Ana Ivanovic being a babe and being ranked number one at Wimbledon.

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Jodie said...

Number #17!!!!

As for the Gatorade spill--watch the cop behind Doc Rivers trying to avoid the spill . . .

Neil Joshi said...

Paul Pierce should get to throw out the first pitch.

And Ana Ivanovic is too hot for her own good. Damn she's fine