Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Golf and Sex: Bursting at the Seams

I take fashion pretty seriously...especially, when the clothing involved asks that we suspend all notions of practicality. And double especially, when it's some form of cuckoo [golfing!] lingerie.

Looking to create the online athletic couture unveiling of the season, this was sent my way by UK designer boutique Mio Destino.

The golfing bra is, quote, "the answer for all golf lovers who feel they neglect their lady."

"So the next time your partner asks if you ‘fancy a tee?’ she won’t be putting the kettle on, oh no! She will be opening her lingerie drawer and whipping out the fun new set from Mio Destino"

The golfing bra is nearing the final stages of development (I'm thinking the dangling golf balls on tassels might get left out of the on-the-course version), and the set is available for £300.


Mio Destino Golfing Lingerie

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