Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Four-year-old Go-Kart Phenom Inks £15,000 Sponsorship Deal

This kid is what those in the Hip-Hop industry like to call young money. And that photo begs the question: Is their a form of unorthodoxed racing that Red Bull doesn't sponsor?

"Leonardo Panayiotou, a four-year-old go-karter at the same track Lewis Hamilton first made his mark, has received £15,000 in sponsorship to pursue his motor racing dream. Despite his tender age, Leonardo races a 60cc kart as speeds of up to 50mph. A consortium of sponsors spotted the youngster racing at Rye House Kart Raceway, in Hertforshire, and came forward with the money." (Four-year-old racer picks up £15,000 sponsorship deal)

I want to go fast! His parents better hope he doesn't change his life goal (to be, like, a fire fighter, or spiderman) between now and four years, when he'll legally be allowed to race competitively.


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