Monday, October 6, 2008

Don't. Vote.

The folks behind the "Don't Vote" video are asking folks to share it with five other people. (video is actually called, simply, 5 Friends). And bloggers are taking the extra step by posting it and linking to five other blogs.

Check it out, The Sports Dollar gets the nod for the first post (that I saw, at least).

And Sarah, excellent point.

NESW Sports
Moondog Sports
Hugging Harold Reynolds
Epic Carnival

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MoonDog said...


I appreciate you thinking of me but I'm opposed to any message that suggests we shouldn't vote.

However, I do agree that regardless of which person wins this election we're going to be no better off in four years.

Don't take my unwillingness to participate as a slight against you personally.

Have you hooked up with Natalie Portman yet?

Mike said...

This vid, and people's reaction to it, is turning into a reverse psychology mind F. Weird.

And that's a negative on the Natalie front. I think she's intimidated by my celebrity.