Friday, October 17, 2008


Over the past year, for many of you has been a bastion of hope in a cruel, cruel, brutally unfeeling World. (... my definition of many might be jaded, and unrealistic)

But, like those who have gone before me, I'm moving on. My new address is the ultra-slick STEADYBURN.NET
Hats off to the crack web development team of Jeff (Buzz My Blog, Buzz Pirates) and Bryan (GrandmasterB) on the new site design. Those guys did a bang-up job. And special thanks to Mike Cuz (Cuzoogle) for making the connect.

As has been the trend in this fledgling economy, I sold this blogger domain at a significantly reduced rate, to this kid...

When young Bruce "ballbuster" Mackallaster (pictured above) reaches the age of majority, expect updates here from him...

NOW, Go check out my first update to the new, improved Steady Burn on, what else, but some of Roller Derby's finest!


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