Monday, October 13, 2008

Ironman World Champ Got Help Along the Way!

There's certainly not a surplus of goodwill in pro sports these days. For instance, Buck and McCarver brought up retaliation about a dozen times during last night's broadcast of the Phillies - Dodgers game.

In stark contrast, it was a Good Samaritan act by a fellow competitor that helped Chrissie Wellington to her second consecutive Ironman Triathlon World Championship women's title...

"The 31-year-old triathlete from Britain had a lead of about 5 minutes when her tire went flat near the 90-mile mark of the 112-mile bicycle ride. Air canisters she carried didn't work, she said, but Rebekah Keat of Australia came to the rescue.

Keat stopped, gave Wellington another canister, and the defending champion was on her way again. It cost her about 10 minutes and the lead, which she quickly regained and held throughout the marathon run." (Associated Press)

Wellington said the help bestowed upon her "epitomizes everything great about the Ironman."

There's no record of where Keat stood in the pack when she stopped to help Wellington, but according to, she did finish in 15th place in the women's pro division, and 270 overall. So presumably several, if not many, other racers passed by Wellington while she had a flat, and gave her the so long, sucka! treatment.


Women's Ironman champ gives thanks (AP)

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