Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I'm competing this week in Hugging Harold Reynold's IRON REF. When I agreed to do this, HHR told me I could hand select my opponents. So when I sent in that photo of me admiring fine arts in Paris with my bio, I indicated I'd like to face-off against the creator of and my buddy J Dot Domingo, who once had a blog about his fake ex-girlfriend. Since The Chief doesn't appear to be interested in me rigging the contest, why not go for broke I thought?

Go vote for my post about Michael Phelps, Lil' Wayne, and divine intervention - sounds like a campaign you could stand behind, right?

Even if you morally object to what I have to say, there's more Weezy over there where this came from to...

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1 comment: said...

I'll check it out my friend by Lil Wayne sucks ass. The less you have of him on your blog, the better your blog will be. When I saw the Lil Wayne Kid Rock colabo I was like WTF!!??!?!? THIS SUCKS!!