Monday, September 8, 2008

Brady. Done.

The diagnosis of Tom Brady's injury is right in line with how it looks in this gruesome photo.

When this incident occurred, we were at the local bar. It is literally the closest drinking establishment in proximity to my apartment, and they popped for the football package this year. Additionally, they have a free buffet, which when that ran out they ordered pizzas for the whole bar. I bought one round, my roommate bought one round, and then we had beers being bought for us throughout the game. I spent exactly $9 bucks, and was able to ignore the idea that Pats Player Personnel honcho Scott Pioli might be trying to get Testaverde on the phone.

This was a better way to see Brady get knocked out for the season than say the Pats fan who watched it at home on a new flat screen that was purchased to go with the Sunday Ticket package they just dolled out $300 smackers for. Now they're left with the realization of being locked in a two-year contract with DirectTV, and satellite TV reception that teeters in the balance each time the wind picks up.

No matter how you saw it go down, the news is settling in for everyone this morning. I had the displeasure learning the final prognosis from the backpage of the horrendous NY Post. The eloquently worded headline: Yahoo! Brady Out For Year. (Of course, it comes on the day The Post announces that they endorse McCain for President)

After that, I changed my fantasy football team's name to Bernard Pollard, I'm planning to fly to Kansas City, break into your house, and rip your wife in half.

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