Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Olbermann Dethroned...

Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews were ousted today as MSNBC's anchors for election coverage, with claims being made that they were too overtly liberal on-air.

Before there was Keith the bleeding lefty, there was Keith, SportsCenter mainstay. From 1992 to 1997, Olbermann was one of the go-tos for ESPN, before he was sacked there unceremoniously.

Here's a few of Keith's best clips from that era, including the report on Bret Favre entering rehab (where he's talking so fast he almost seizes) and a Boston Market commercial where he invokes the term ooie-gooey (sp.)

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ethanator1088 said...

Awesome post as always.

If I know Olbermann, he will position himself to gain form this somehow. MSNBC will give him more air time or he will show up on NBC more.

I am not a lefty, but i like him from ESPN, and he used to make me laugh happy all the time. :-)

Alex @ Make Something Happen said...

The Boston Market video is sort of embarrassing and I don't know why. He should have been on Beakman's World, I think. Beekman? I am a horrible speller of nostalgic names.

Anyway, as expected, there's a rally to get him back in the game: