Friday, September 5, 2008

Talk Derby to Me...

WWE's Mickie James on Psych

Hell on wheels hits cable tonight, as this week's episode of Psych features show star Maggie Lawson and WWE Diva Mickie James playing roller girls.

The apropos titled ep Talk Derby to Me also features a couple of the L.A. Derby Dolls, and had the Vancouver Derby squad on-set to consult on the action.

In a recent interview, James told,

I have a newfound respect for [derby girls] because, like I said before, the Vancouver roller-derby team was there with us showing us different stuff...I didn’t realize that they were as tough and that; they get out there and they pretty much beat each other up a little bit. I respect that being an athlete myself and getting beat up and beating people up all of the time.

Yeah, she's crazy. Love it.

All I cared to know about Psych before this was that Dorn is on it. But I can't pass up roller derby's first return to the small screen since Charlie's Angels! I'll tivo. Look for my reaction on twitter around 10 a.m. tomorrow, while I'm enjoying this with a bloody mary and a breakfast of bacon.

The new episode of Pysch premieres tonight on USA at 10 p.m. ET.


Roller Skating into Psych with WWE Diva Mickie James
Charlie's Angels "Death on Wheels"

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1 comment: said...

Who doesn't love a great roller derby? I will be knockin' one into a sock watching this...ok maybe that's an exageration, but I will certainly be enjoying it. GOOD TIMES!!