Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Belichick Sends Rattay & Simms Home...

With the first position on the waiver wire - as a result of having the most abysmal week in the league - I've locked up Matt Cassel on my Fantasy Team.

The New York Times reports:

The New England Patriots, sifting through their quarterback options in the wake of Tom Brady’s season-ending knee injury, sent free agents Chris Simms and Tim Rattay home Monday afternoon without even working them out, Coach Bill Belichick acknowledged in a conference call Tuesday.

(Belichick Declines to Sign Simms and Rattay)

...and I picked up Daunte, just in case.

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j dot domingo said...


Looks like they have all the depth they need now that they brough Matt "The Gutt" Gutierrez back to Foxboro.

I am breathing easier.

www.wickedpissadude.com said...

Now this just pisses me off. I picked up Rattay and Simms and Culpepper on my fantasy team and now I have to get rid of them? Hahaha...us Boston fans, we're so loyal. We'll support a guy even if he's being talked about coming here. Not gonna happen, we got all the QB's we need!!