Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What's another 400,000 in Olympic condom distro?

Last week, I heard that the IOC and Co. were injecting the Olympic Village with a cache of condoms, totaling 100,000 in count.

Au contrere, mon frere.

The Beijing Health Bureau thought this initial number was tailored more to a Young Life church lock-in, and decided let's just bump that up to half a mil, shall we?

"About 400,000 free condoms have been distributed [by the Beijing Health Bureau] to 119 contract hotels of the Olympic Games to ensure that safe sex takes place during the fortnight-long event...Xinhua quoted Jin Dapend [Beijing Health Bureau’'s Party chief] as saying that condoms had been put in over 90,000 rooms of 424 hotels rated three stars and above." (Freshnews.in)

Unsure if it's related (it is), but Michael "Prowl-Mode" Phelps can't seem to get this look off his face since wrapping up...his competition portion of the games.


Beijing health bureau officials distribute 400,000 condoms for safe sex during Olympics
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