Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Frank Evans: Matador, Pensioner

His name is Frank "El Ingles" Evans. He's 66 years-old, and the only living English bullfighter.

He's slain over 300 bulls in his 40+ year career. This past weekend, he got back in the ring for the first time in three years since having a knee replacement and quadruple bypass heart surgery.

His next stop could be a matador tour of South America - so that he can say he's fought in every country in the world that will allow you to kill a bull inside a ring. (Fighting fit at 66: Britain's heart bypass matador back with a flourish)

This guy makes me feel bad about myself, and ashamed to know half the people I know.

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1 comment:

love - not death for animals said...

This guy makes ME feel SAD.

I'm sad, because he kills all these beautiful animals - just for nothing than his ego.

This sad old man murders a bull, who has no chance to escape from this torture.

No he is no hero. A REAL HERO would save the bull!!!