Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Women's Kickball League Banned From Tampa Parks, Files Complaint With NAACP

Fox 13 in Tampa reports that a Tampa Bay women's kickball league that meets every Sunday has been banned from the park unless they can come up with $1400 to form an official league.

The story says activists for the league claim they are being discriminated against because they can't afford the high fee. Also, they claim that other teams that use the park don't have to pay.

"Am I outraged? Yes. Did I make a formal complaint with the NAACP? Yes, I did. And they're taking the case,"says community activist Michelle Williams.

The women's league consists of seven teams and has met for the past six weeks.

Alvin Lewis, Chief of Security for Tampa Parks and Recreation said that the leagues has drawn up to 1000 spectators at a time. In lieu of playing, this past Sunday players protested the measures levied by the city against the league (see the photo above).

Concerning the security of the League's gathering, Police Lieutenant Rocky Ratliff said "I think they had a good idea to play kickball with the family, but you always have that one percent that messes it up for everyone else.That one percent be drinking and smoking marijuana, we don't allow that in the park."

The City representatives would not share with Fox the details about fees required of teams to use the park. They did encourage the women to find businesses in the community to sponsor them so that they can continue the league.

Check out video from the news report on My Fox Tampa Bay

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