Monday, May 12, 2008

The Memphis Grizzlies Season Stimulus Plan

If you go to the Memphis Grizzlies' home page, you get hit with an offer to exchange your $600 economic stimulus plan check for a pair of Grizz season tickets:

Memphis, April 24, 2008 – The Memphis Grizzlies are helping fans stretch their entertainment dollar further than ever this tax season. For a limited time, fans can take advantage of Uncle Sam's generosity with the Grizzlies Season Stimulus Plan. Fans receiving payments as part of the U.S. Treasury Department’s Economic Stimulus Package can exchange it for two 2008-09 Grizzlies full Season Tickets and $25 Grizz Bucks - without ever touching their pocketbooks.

...sounds like the type of hat that oughta come with a free bowl of soup.

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