Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Steady Burn Asks Chris Cooley...

Chris Cooley's blog and contributions to Yahoo! Sports blog Shutdown Corner are all the rage lately, and I'm sure many folks saw his interview on The Blog Show that was posted this morning.

Great interview by the way, check it out over at the DC Sports Bog or Mister Irrelevant...or anywhere else this nugget gets embedded.

Personally, I enjoyed it the most when he recommended Matt Leinart keep it on the down low in reference to Matt's partying ways

Keep It On the Down Low. Coined by Ronald Isley and R. KELL back in the early 90's I believe...


When asked about his smokin' hot fiance, and if the pictures of her in Maxim made him uncomfortable, Cooley alluded wanted to scream from the top of a mountain, but he didn't have a mountain he had Steinz and Mottram and a beta-max that he has more shots of her goods that he's trying needs because they're probably criminally babe-mastic to get clearance from his wifey to post on his own blog.

...umm, Chris Cooley has a totally awesome life.

Which prompted me to send him an email that read:

Subj: Hey Chris, if you could, would you be Usher?

Hey man - obviously a no-brainer for a johnny-working stiff like me, but you've got a pretty sweet life, so it's worth asking: If you could, would you be Usher?


...chew on it, and get back to me when you have the chance, Cooley.

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