Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cheese truly is a slippery slope

Steeped in anticipation from a crowd of 3000, the annual Cooper Hill Cheese Rolling event was held in England on Monday (via Awful Announcing...well done).

I will say this, the simplicity of Cheese-rolling is pure eloquence...fall.

man, you look like a real sally if you don't go for it.

The final stat line was 19 injured, with one of the victors being stretchered off while hooked up to an oxygen tank (relax, he's fine).

Jason Crowther, 25, who won the first three races of this year's event told the BBC: "There's no training you can do for this...but there aren't any tactics involved, as you can probably see."

The race has been held in Gloucester, England for over 200 years. That other kind of cheese-rolling was popularized stateside in Miami sometime in the mid-80s, right Pablo?

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