Thursday, January 31, 2008

steady burn vol. 1, ed. 2

Shameless to admit, I am indeed going to a Lost party tonight, a show I've never seen. A lot of people are in a hippity-hoo about this show. It's almost getting as much blog coverage as the Patriots O-line's beards.

Apparently, we're going to eat boar tonight (f*ck yeah!). Like I said, completely green on this show. But as my father always told me: meat taste like murder, and murder taste pretty damn good.

New reasonable life goal: invent a catch phrase. Why not? Threw out Murdoch-ing after the ultra-conservative New York Post rushed to endorse Barack Obama after the New York Times started pumping out Hillary TV spots. But forget that, he's not even my favorite Murdoch (actually, we're not boys at all).

Check out old A-team on Hulu if you've got it.

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