Monday, February 11, 2008

steady burn vol. 1, ed. 3

After this I'm not mentioning Super Bowl 42 another iota, but I had to share my friend Steve's reaction to the Giants' victory:

Like sex, best when unexpected.

Not better than ’86-87, though, because it had been so freakin’ long and the demons had to be exorcised. You know about that a little bit (read: jab at red sox fan)

Thanks for the sentiment.

Still, the greatest post-season sight was the look on Jerry Jones’ face at the end of that game.


Steve is one of the all-time great characters. He gave me my first job in sports PR and looks like back in the 70s he was probably an excellent bowler.

The Deuce of Davenport gives us the tread desk. Work and run, simultaneously, gee thanks guys. You could tell me that Kramerica Industries invented this during Seinfeld Season Four, and I'd believe you.

Do you think that Roger Goodell stabs himself in the arm with his pen in between writing out those $40,000 checks for each Pro Bowler just to make sure this isn't hell.

While I was goofing off in Vermont last week, The Blog Show uncovered this gem on YouTube:

Inspired Thoughts:

"I'm at this milf's house in Baltimore. She is throwing us a party tonight. It's super weird," my buddy Pergo, driving this band around on tour for a month...collecting unemployment the whole time.

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