Thursday, February 14, 2008

Holiday Double Up...

sh*t, cell phone is already about to die. Fine women be blowing me up in droves .

So much wetness in my lap tonight. Who would've thought that blast emailing this someecard would actually work?*

As I told my buddy Bley, when he was wise enough to schedule National Bley Day on Bulletproof Saturday, thank you MLB for putting Pitchers & Catchers Day on Valentine's Day. You've curtailed some of the lame of the latter. Way to be.

What's Bulletproof Saturday? Glad you asked. Turns out I invented it about two weeks ago. Effective this year, the day before the Super Bowl will be known as Bulletproof Saturday. This references how much alcohol I believe you can drink the night before the Super Bowl. The answer is all of it.

Try waking up next year on the day of the greatest sporting event of the year with a hangover, I dare you.

As for pitchers & catchers, I'm pumped. How could you not be? I've been drinking green tea and listening to Dragonforce all morning to get myself in the mood. You ever heard Dragonforce? Oh, it's good stuff. Good Stuff.

Speaking of metal, this should be the name of metal band, and not a problem that actually exists in this country: Toxic Trailers. I may have to be at work today, but at least I didn't wake up knowing I'd have to give a speech about this.

Further concerning heavy metal, I'm real close to having the lyrics to Run to the Hills by Maiden memorized, at which point I'll be ready throw down with the vocal part in Rock Band. It's really difficult to sing the lyrics without breaking out in hysterical laughter.

In otherworldly blog news, Big Daddy Drew has suspended the Jamboroo and is taking the week off. Bogey, man, bogey. Rest is for the dead.

On the plus side, this photo on Brahsome is burning a hole in my brain!

Hopefully my cell battery will withstand so that Pergo can regale me with tales from the road.

*Actually, someecards server is being pounded, and I can't even get on the site. Plus, that plan would never work. My real Valentine's Day plan is to watch my alma mater Fordham get throttled by UMASS and drink many (many) Vladamir Brew-tins.

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DJ-RJ said...

OMG, that eecards site is hilarious!!!! Thank you!